Stainless steel water maintain integrity at Palomar California hospital

This project is widely used in stainless steel (containing an average rate of 60% recycled), were selected for sustainability, corrosion resistance, and ability to maintain the integrity of water . Behind the walls of the hospital is more than 7,300 meters (24,300 feet on (1 foot = 30,48cm)) type 316 / 316L dual layer (S31600 / S31603) Schedule 10S stainless steel pipe for the hot water treatment and cold. Diameter pipe sizes from 2 to 12 inches (1 inch = 2,54cm) (nominal diameter of 50-300mm), the larger pipe diameter tube stand while the smaller ones are tributaries of water supply system outage copper plumbing to tap L and other impoundments.

The building was designed by engineers at Louisiana ME. El Cajon-University Mechanical & all the engineers of the contractor.


pipeline system in accordance with the plans and specifications used building information modeling (BIM) to support engineers and coordinate all of the mechanical systems, electrical, and plumbing (EDGE). This requires the use of a computer to determine the position and anchor, support and hang in preparation for concrete pouring. Drawings made plumbing was developed using BIM allows University Mechanical manufacturing systems in stores and the project for the installation.


One of the challenges with the pipe system is large and complex as the order ordering the appropriate number and size of pipe and fittings early in the project before the design is finalized. This is desirable to ensure the availability of the components in the construction process, while achieving the best price. Through BIM system, 80% of the material was accurate, a remarkable achievement.


The pipeline has been welded sell components or formed prior to the length and exact size, then packaged and sent on to the appropriate area of ​​the hospital. Combining prefabricated building with adjustable welding procedures result in the installation of high efficiency.


(Source guide: tapchi nickel) 

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